Chimalhuacan Flowers Thierry Jeannot

CHIMALHUACAN FLOWERS, 2015, by Thierry Jeannot

Chimalhuacan Flowers

are the result of the observations and experiences of Thierry Jeannot in the suburb of Mexico City, called Chimalhuacan.
An abandoned and marginalised place this suburb is the end of the city and also the beginning of the countryside. This is where the bronze workshop is
located, as well as plastic and material dealers, whom Jeannot visits regularly and who have become his friends and co-workers.

The culmination of his latest explorations in Chimalhuacan is a bronze `flower´ that grew in those hostile conditions. This paradox of flower and hostility is expressed through the mix of the traditional crafting technique of bronze-casting in lost-wax casting technique, and the unconventional addition of the PET plastic material. Delicacy is a force of life.

Chimalhuacan Flower1_Thierry_Jeannot_MFriedmannGallery_low_res

Chimalhuacan Flower10_Detail_Thierry_Jeannot_MFriedmannGallery_low_res